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About SibGene

SibGene L.L.C. has been providing customers with high quality products for Molecular Biology Research since 2001. SibGene is reputable for providing discounted, new and used equipment for educational institutions, research labs, and private companies. We are located in the Maryland Biotechnology sector; surrounded by peers working in the industry.

We update our catalog with new products weekly. Our warehouse is full of items we have not yet listed. In addition to analytical instruments, disposable labware, pipettes and sealed surgical instruments - we provide products for PCR and amplification. SibGene was among the first to market Taq DNA Polymerase.

Currently, we do not process purchase orders. We prefer to manage transactions via PayPal, but it is possible to fax us the completed credit card order form found on the right menu of this website.

Recently, we overhauled our stock management system to sync across our multiple selling avenues. We always seek to streamline and improve our business and offer better service to our customers.