SibGene L.L.C. has been providing equipment and PCR consumables for molecular biology since 2001.

We offer full featured horizontal gel electrophoresis systems which can be paired with available electrophoresis power supplies. Run acrylamide mini-gels with any of our mini-cell vertical electrophoresis systems. Analyze DNA, RNA and protein molecules in agarose and polyacrylamide gels with the UV transilluminators on offer.

PCR Supplies

SibGene was among the first on the market to offer discounted high quality Taq DNA polymerase for educational institutions, research labs and private companies. We further source dNTPs, DNA and DNA markers for PCR applications. You will also find that we supply thermal cyclers for amplification. Use the contact form to enquire about bulk quantities. We have expanded our catalog to offer analytical instruments, disposable labware, pipettes and sealed surgical instruments.

Liquid, Protein and Gas Chromatography

For your gas chromatography needs, browse our selection of GC columns. For fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) we offer equipment including AKTA purifiers and pumps. If you require HPLC or UPLC equipment, we have a wide range of HPLC columns including guard, cartridge and preparative; as well as autosamplers, fraction collectors, DAD detectors, column switchers, UV-VIS visible spectrophotometers, pumps and complete HPLC systems.
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General Laboratory Equipment

We exist to provide the tools academic professionals and small businesses need to generate results. SibGene is a high volume supplier of mixers, shakers, stirrers, lab scales, hot plates, thermometers, slides, single and multichannel pipettes, and HPLC columns.

Empower Your Research


Additional unlisted glassware such as round/flat-bottom single or 3-neck flasks, glass adapters and stoppers are available upon request.
Please use the contact form.

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PriceItemDate Listed
$261.25Argonaut Technologies Quest 210 Synthesizer manifold4/6/2020
$80.75NEW KONTES Ultra-Ware Fittings Kit. Standard Systems Version. 953882-10004/6/2020
$92.15Supelco OMI Indicating Purifier Tube Holder with new indicator tube 2-39064/6/2020
$25.65New Thermo pH Electrode Storage Solution. 5 x 2 oz bottles 9100604/6/2020
$187.15New Thermo Orion Chloride ion Electrode 9617BN BNC combination4/6/2020
$6.65New V. Mueller value-line VU2007 lister bandage scissors angled probe point 7"4/6/2020
$8.55New V. Mueller flexsteel ribbon retractor blade 1-1/2" x 13 " value-line VU33444/6/2020
$23.75New V. Mueller SU1811A Mayo dissecting scissors curved-on-flat 6-3/4" Germany4/6/2020
$23.75New V. Mueller SU1711A oprtating scissors stright sharp/sharp 5" Germany4/6/2020
$23.75New V. Mueller SU2740A Rochester-rankin artery forceps stright light 6" Germany4/6/2020
$22.80New V. Mueller SU16026A Hegar needle holder stubby jaws length 7" Germany4/6/2020
$22.80New V. Mueller SU16031A Hegar needle holder stubby jaws length 8" Germany4/6/2020
$25.65NEW Idex Upchurch Idex P-842X VacuTight Fitting. Short. Hex. Red PEEK. 1/164/6/2020
$21.85Hamilton Gastight 1750C Syringe 500 Microliter # 812604/6/2020
$275.50IKA RET basic hotplate stirrer magnetic hot plate laboratory mantle probe ETS-D44/6/2020
$8.55New Pean Artery Forceps curved pean forceps curved 6 1/4" HS82104/6/2020
$8.55New V. Mueller value-line VU3201 pean forceps straight 10"4/6/2020
$56.05New V. Mueller B-0015 Neuro/spine taylor spinal retractor 1-1/4x4" Germany4/6/2020
$8.55New V. Mueller value-line VU16030 hegar needle holder narrow jaws 8"4/6/2020
$13.30New V. Mueller SU1404001A Scalpel No. 4 Handle knife 5-1/4 " Germany for blades4/6/2020
$8.55New V. Mueller SU2333A Tissue forceps 1x2 teeth 6 " Germany4/6/2020
$23.75New V. Mueller SU1825A Mayo dissecting scissors curved-on-flat 5-3/4" Germany4/6/2020
$23.75New V. Mueller SU1765A Deaver oprtating scissors stright sharp/b 5-1/2" Germany4/6/2020
$23.75New V. Mueller SU2720A Kelly artery forceps stright light 5-3/4" Germany4/6/2020
$187.15New Thermo Orion Bromide ion Electrode 9635BN BNC combination sure-flow4/6/2020
$22.80New V. Mueller SU16021A Hegar needle holder stubby jaws length 6" Germany4/6/2020
$7.50NEW Safety Replacement Faceshield allsafe shield visor Use W/ 103 Headgear4/6/2020
$11.40New V. Mueller SU3788A Senn Retractor blunt delicate double-ended 6 Germany4/6/2020
$11.40New V. Mueller value-line hegar needle holder narrow jaws 8" VU160304/6/2020
$33.25New V. Mueller SU2005001A Lister Bandage scissors angled probe 5-1/2" Germany4/6/2020
$22.80New V. Mueller operating scissors SU1702A Sharp Tip / Blunt Tip Germany 5-3/44/5/2020
$9.21New V. Mueller value-line Weitlaner Retractor VU3110-001 3x4 blunt prongs 5-1/24/5/2020
$14.25Two New Metzenbaum scissors curved CVD HS8141 7 inches4/5/2020
$6.65New Allegiance AA12180 rosen suction tube angled with obturator 18GA 3-1/4"4/5/2020
$23.75New V. Mueller SU2700A halsted mosquito forceps straight 5' length Germany4/5/2020
$6.65New V. Mueller VU3171 value-line spring wire retractor size 1,1x1 prongs 3" len4/5/2020
$46.55New V. Mueller cobb dowson-yuhl elevator blad 13 mm wide 11" Germany NL7110-0134/5/2020
$14.25Two New Olsen hegar needle holder HS8408 7.5 inches4/5/2020
$14.25Two New Halsted Mosquito forceps curved HS8202 5 inches4/5/2020
$14.25Two New carmalt artery forceps curved HS8218 6,25 inches4/5/2020
$27.55New V. Mueller MO1750A ballenger sponge holding forceps stright loop Germany4/5/2020
$42.75New Cloward style blade Retractor VM 84-2198 7-1/2 Germany4/5/2020
$14.25Two New Crile Artery forceps straight HS8205 5.5 inches4/5/2020
$11.40New V. Mueller BA390 Allegiance Jackson tracheal tenaculum length 5-3/4 in4/5/2020
$19.00New V. Mueller Ochsner artery forceps 1x2 teeth straight 6-1/4' SU16026A Germany4/5/2020
$19.00New V. Mueller hegar needle holder SU16026A stubby jaws 7" length Germany4/5/2020
$6.65New V. Mueller Pederson vaginal specula speculum small VU30 VU-30 3"x1/2" wide4/4/2020
$4.75New V. Mueller graves vaginal specula speculum small VU10 VU-104/4/2020
$1092.50Agilent G1329-60008 HPLC Sampling Unit G1329A 100/1200/1260 new4/3/2020
$636.50Agilent 1100 Pump Drive G1311-69001 G1311-60001 refurbished4/3/2020
$61.75Transferpette Pipette pipet variable multichannel 8 1-10 ul Brand short bnj4/3/2020
$66.50NEW Shimadzu 228-20243-93 NEEDLE ASSY SIL-6B\9A. SIL-10A4/3/2020
$8.55NEW Idex Upchurch LuerTight™ Fitting System for 1/16" OD P-8374/3/2020
$52.25NEW Rheodyne 3725-088 Parts for 3725-038 7125-054 needle port cleaner4/3/2020
$9.50NEW Idex Upchurch XP-202X Flangeless fitting Red Delrin 1/16 " 7 pcs4/3/2020
$30.40NEW Idex Upchurch two-Piece Fingertight Long. PEEK. 10-32 Coned ferrule F-330X4/3/2020
$42.75NEW Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve Assembly Analytical 59696 includes fittings4/3/2020
$8.466 Pcs Dental Cement Spatula Laboratory Mixing Scraper Set SS spoon lab metal aq4/3/2020
$147.25Matrix Pipette pipet multichannel 12 channel .1-10 ul variable volume micronic4/3/2020
$92.15Oxford Benchmate Pipette pipet multichannel 12 channel 200 ul multi-channel4/3/2020
$71.25flow Titertek multichannel pipette pipet 5-50 ul 12 chanel Labsystems finn4/3/2020
$104.50Used Shimadzu Shim-Pak VP-ODS Column 4 µm. 4.6 mm X 150 mm LC 228-34937-914/3/2020
$123.50Used HPLC column GL Inertsil C8 5u 4.6x150 mm 5020-012244/3/2020
$85.50Used MN Nucleosil 100-7 C18 Column 125x4.6mm HPLC column 720951.46 gf4/3/2020
$133.00Used Waters YMC-Pack Ods-AQ 250x4.6mm S-5 um 12A AQ12S052546WT HPLC Column4/3/2020
$85.50Used Supelco SUPELCOSIL ABZ+Plus HPLC LC Column 250 x4 mm 59197C404/3/2020
$90.25Thomas CENTRIFUGE minicentrifuge mini PCR strip strips 0,2 ml tubes 6000 rpm4/3/2020
$256.50Harvard 4400-001 syringe pump lab laboratory digital control model 44 unit cd4/3/2020
$161.50New Agilent G1156-68705 Standard valve accessory kit 1100 12004/3/2020
$171.00New Agilent G2256A barcode reader 11004/3/2020
$187.15New Agilent G1312-61602 Cable assy SSV assembly4/3/2020
$551.00New Agilent G1314-60083 Semi-micro flow cell. 6 mm. 5 µL for 12004/3/2020
$76.00New Waters Acquity UPLC absorbance start-up solution 700002669 HPLC LC4/3/2020
$1396.50Shimadzu SPD-10AV VP HPLC System UV VIS Detector Agilent Waters HP WORKING juhz4/3/2020
$28.50Waters WAT045412 HPLC LC new sample loop 193ml passiv4/3/2020
$218.50Gilson Pipetman Pipette Pipettor set pipet variable P20 P200 P200L P20L L4/3/2020
$137.75Thermo Lab Industries LabQuake Shaker tube tubes rotation microplate nutator4/3/2020
$1472.50Parr Instrument 599HC T316 062106 Reactor Pressure Vessel 3000 PSI MAXWP4/3/2020
$118.75New Alltech Threaded Acrylic HPLC Column Water Jacket 950244/3/2020
$7.60New VWR talon connector Lab 90° hook Clamp Holder laboratory 60079-166 9155024/3/2020
$66.50New Varian HPLC 5mm sapphire Plunger Assembly Pump PCG6030F0005 30-ST11214/3/2020
$27.55NEW Idex Upchurch U-400X 316 Stainless Steel Male Nut 10-32 Coned. for 1/16'' O4/3/2020
$147.25NEW Waters Clear-100 Plunger Seals. 4/pk WAT0229464/3/2020
$19.00NEW Waters Assy tubing High flow 0.401D 430001025 SS Hex nut4/3/2020
$114.00NEW Shimadzu 228-35145-00 Plunger Seal. GFP. LC-10ATvp. SIL10ADvp. SIL-20A/AC. L4/3/2020
$13.30NEW Idex Upchurch P-655 1/4-28 Female to Male Luer Assy PEEK4/3/2020
$33.25NEW Idex Upchurch P-675 1/4-28 Female to Male Luer Assy4/3/2020
$23.75NEW Idex Upchurch P-677 Luer Assembly M6 Female to Male Tefzel ETFE4/3/2020
$10.45NEW Idex Upchurch P-342X Ferrule Flat-Bottom Fittings. for Tubing OD > 1/16" (1.4/3/2020
$8.55NEW analytical ETFE Flangeless Ferrule for 1/16″ OD Tubing. Blue 59200X4/3/2020
$8.466 Pcs Dental Cement Spatula Laboratory Mixing Scraper Set SS spoon lab metal nju4/3/2020
$33.25NEW SHIMADZU 228-23810 ADAPTER SYRINGE F/SIL-10A. 228238104/3/2020
$92.15Brand Pipette transferpette multichannel 12 channel 2.5-25 ul multi channel cvz4/3/2020
$109.25Brand Pipette transferpette multichannel 8 channel 30- 300 ul multi channel cvq4/3/2020
$147.25Rainin EDP3 EDP-3 multichannel LTS Pipet lite variable volume pipette 1200 ul 124/3/2020
$199.50nalgene Acrylic Box dry product storage dessicator dryerite cabinet 12x124/3/2020
$66.50Oxford Benchmate Pipette pipet multichannel 12 channel 50 ul multi-channel4/3/2020
$750.50maximadry Fisher KNF Laboport neuberger vacuum pump diaphragm4/3/2020
$750.50KNF Laboport neuberger vacuum pump diaphragm UN820.3 FTP Edwards drji4/3/2020
$750.50KNF Laboport neuberger vacuum pump diaphragm UN820.3 FTP Edwards dfr4/3/2020
$123.50Used HPLC column GL Inertsil C8 5u 4.6x150 mm 5020-01224 vbhj4/3/2020
$1396.50Buchi rotavapor rotary evaporator R-134 R134 waterbath B481 bath works quiet4/3/2020
$232.75Bio-rad biorad powerpac power pac display supply 1000v 1000 volts max packs qwz4/3/2020
$280.25Bio-rad biorad powerpac power pac display supply 3000v 3000 volts max packs qws4/3/2020
$921.50Buchi rotavapor rotary evaporator R-114 R114 waterbath B461 bath condenser qqs4/3/2020
$465.50WATSON MARLOW 720S DIGITAL PERISTALTIC PUMP DRIVE prep preparative 720 S IP 664/3/2020
$788.50New Agilent G1315-68724 500 nL Flow Cell for 1100 DAD/MWD dad mwd4/3/2020
$446.50New Waters ASSY Syringe Valve W/coupling 700003743 HPLC LC4/3/2020
$313.50Waters WAT099499 deuterium lamp 99499 HPLC LC new lambda max4/3/2020
$218.50RED LION PAXT Thermocouple and RTD Input Red Display 115v probe temperature4/3/2020
$332.50GE Amersham Pharmacia Explorer Purifier AKTA INV-907 INV907 valve motor vbgf4/3/2020
$304.00GE Amersham Pharmacia Explorer Purifier AKTA PV-908 PV908 valve nhuj4/3/2020
$63.65Lab-Line Magnestir stirrer stirring magnetic laboratory 6x6 mixer mixing4/3/2020
$256.50Aquasonic 75HT Ultrasonic Cleaner water bath sonic dental SS stainless vgde4/3/2020
$636.50Watson Marlow IP55 624S Washdown Peristaltic Pump digital WM preparative prep zq4/3/2020
$921.50Watson Marlow IP55 624U Washdown Peristaltic Pump digital WM preparative prep zd4/3/2020
$731.50Watson Marlow 605Di Peristaltic pump easy load drive head dose 505 DI digital4/3/2020
$261.25Heraeus micro centrifuge biofuge pico 13000 rpm microcentrifuge lab digital zas4/3/2020
$151.05Matrix multichannel pipette pipet Impact 12 channel 125 ul Equalizer lm4/3/2020
$147.25Thermo multichannel pipette pipet Matrix 8 ch electronic 250 ul Equalizer bnyh4/3/2020
$14.25Water Bath waterbath metal rack holder stainless steel SS 9x10" stand cvf4/3/2020
$11.40Water Bath waterbath metal rack holder stainless steel SS 9x8" stand4/3/2020
$31.35Gilson rack code workstation 1.5 2 ml tubes 964/3/2020
$14.25Hamilton microliter syringe 705 Analytical 50 ul #705 vbnjq4/3/2020
$18.05Hamilton microliter syringe 805 Analytical 50 ul #8054/3/2020
$23.75Kloehn Syringe Analytical 2.5 ml #4002 4002 Cavro4/3/2020
$23.75Glenco microsyringe Syringe Analytical K130-020-2520 20 ul 20ul4/3/2020
$171.00HPLC column Waters YMC-Pack ODS-A S-5 um 30 nm 2x250 mm AA30S05-2502WT4/3/2020
$189.72Corning pH meter 340 new Orion Ross electrode combination 214729-A014/3/2020
$161.50GIBCO SUNRISE BRL large prep preparative horizontal gel electrophoresis system4/3/2020
$750.50Waters AP-5 glass preparative column 50 x 300 mm chromatography prep adapt4/3/2020
$161.50Thermo Electron Orion 420 Basic pH Benchtop Meter electrode new combination4/3/2020
$104.50Used HPLC column Hydrocell DEAE 3000 2.1x50 mm 22-35DE Biochrom Labs4/3/2020
$85.50HPLC column Thermo Hypersil Biobasic CN 5 um 4.6x150 mm 71705-2546314/3/2020
$76.00HPLC column Thermo Hypersil Biobasic CN 3 um 4.6x150 mm 71703-1546304/3/2020
$66.50STRATAGENE PRESSURE CONTROL STATION 60102 vacuum pump4/3/2020
$47.50Used HPLC column Dionex Perceptive PepMap Silica C18 150x2.1 mm 2-3137-004/3/2020
$47.50Harvard Apparatus Ball Jointed Connector connectors clamp 2-prong zxy dcfl4/3/2020
$76.00Harvard Apparatus Ball Jointed Connector connectors manipulator clamp 2-prong4/3/2020
$188.10LKB Pharmacia Uvicord 2138 S HPLC LC UV detector vis chromatography LC 278 nm4/3/2020
$33.25New MSA battery module for permissible power assisted respirator 4911204/3/2020
$16.15NEW Idex Upchurch Y Assembly PEEK 1/4-28 .060in PEEK Connector P-5144/3/2020
$9.50NEW Waters tubing 096182 SS .62 x .009 x .36 WAT096182 2pcs4/3/2020
$19.00NEW Waters Assy tubing High flow FHU 430000118 SS Hex nut4/3/2020
$16.15NEW Shimadzu 228-21290-91 PTFE/Silicone Septa for 4ml vials Sil-10A Rinse Port4/3/2020
$40.85NEW Idex Upchurch V-320 Prime/Purge Valve for Waters Pumps pump4/3/2020
$13.30NEW Idex Upchurch P-656 10-32 Female to Male Luer Assy4/3/2020
$16.15NEW Idex Upchurch P-355X Super Flangeless Ferrule. Green PCTFE/SS Ring. 1.8 mm4/3/2020
$16.15NEW Union Assembly PEEK 10-32 .050 Fittings upchurch ZDV P-7604/3/2020
$37.05NEW VHP LiteTouch Ferrule Assembly PK 1/16''. 9 pc/PAK upchurch4/3/2020
$9.407 Pcs Dental Cement Spatula Laboratory Mixing Scraper Set SS spoon lab metal aw4/3/2020
$71.25Finnpipette multichannel pipette pipet 5-50 ul 12 chanel Labsystems finn edrf4/3/2020
$137.75Thermo matrix pipet filler pipette drummond serological dispenser 95114/3/2020
$104.50Used HPLC column PE Browwnlee Polypore H 10u 4.6x250 mm 0711-00894/3/2020
$66.50Used Phenomenex Hypersil ODS 5u C18 250x4.6 mm 00G-4022-E0 HPLC Column4/3/2020
$76.00used Phenomenex Luna 5 µm C18(2) 100 Å. LC Column 150 x 4 mm 00F-4252-E0 weui4/3/2020
$76.00Used MN Nucleosil EC 120-7 NH2RP LC Column 150 x4.6 mm 720153.46RP4/3/2020
$209.00HXG-2 Sensit Combustible Gas Leak Detector with Soft Carrying Case4/3/2020
$142.50Brookfield Viscometer LV Spindle Set with Case engeneering4/3/2020
$161.50two GE Amersham Pharmacia Takasago Valves 59-1994-02 for AKTA FPLC System4/3/2020
$304.00GE Amersham Pharmacia Explorer Purifier AKTA INV-907 INV907 valve motor4/3/2020
$617.50GE Amersham Pharmacia Explorer Purifier pH/C-900 Monitor AKTA FPLC flow cell4/3/2020
$323.00GE Amersham Pharmacia Explorer Purifier AKTA PV-908 PV908 valve dfwz4/3/2020
$275.50Beckman Coulter GH-3.8 MAX 3750 RPM / Swinging Bucket Centrifuge Rotor GH-3.8A4/3/2020
$351.50Sigma Qiagen Swing Bucket 09100F Deep Plate Rotor Buckets 09366 090604/3/2020
$84.55SI Genie 2 vortexer vortex shaker mixer vdws lab rotator scientific industries4/3/2020
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