Matrix multichannel pipette pipet Impact 12 channel 125 ul csqw

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used working Matrix Impact multichannel (8-channel) digital pipette variable volumes (1-125 ul) with tip ejector. charger. if not satisfied. You can return this unit within 14 days for a full refund minus shipping. Lot gar3stshbot. Impact multichannel pipettes allow you to utilize the power of electronic pipetting in microplate formats. In addition to an ergonomic design. Impact pipettes feature step-based programming that allows you to perform pipetting routines that would either be cumbersome or even impossible with manual pipettors.Step-based programming makes it logical. intuitive and easy to create programs. Enables the pipettor to perform all the tasks you might do with a manual pipettor only faster and with less effort”as well as functions such as serial dilutions across a microplate Pipette can be used while plugged in resulting in no downtime during recharging
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Model impact
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